Merlynda Jelly-Jaws Robinson (LLAM)

Multi Award-Winning 

Children's Poet - Children's Author

Cartoonist  - Book Illustrator

Singer - Songwriter

Ventriloquist - Puppeteer!  

Based in beautiful Devon ... 


Welcome!  Thanks for coming by – I'm always delighted to hear from new friends!

I am a multi Award-Winning Children's Poet and Children's Author - Cartoonist - Children's Song Singer-Songwriter - 'Walkabout Ventriloquist' & Puppeteer - and I Create and Read Live my extraordinary, romantic and funny Poems in the Verse-Fable and Fairytales-In-Verse Poetry genres - together with Selections of my Adventurous and Romantic Nature & Wildlife Poems - Comedy Poems - and -  Nonsense Poems!

I work full -time as a professional Children's Poet, Cartoonist-Book Illustrator - and Children's Singer-Songwriter - as a 'Walkabout' Ventriloquist - Puppeteer - a Poetry Book Reviewer/Critic  - and - also create my own Poetry Booklets For Children, Poetry Prints and Posters - Poetry Postcards + Greetings Cards - and - Poetry Audio Books For Children - reading my poems with a variety of 'Character Voices'!

I am  frequently published in various poetry anthologies (46 poetry publications to date) and via my solo poetry collections (4 to date) - and - poetry audiobooks (3 to date) - and I'm frequently broadcast live on radio reading selections of my nature and fairytale poems!  

Book Me For Poetry Festivals, Literary Festivals, Book Festivals, Outdoor Events, Celebratory Poetry Days - all via the 'Contact Me' page!

I perform as a Live Children's Poet Reading Selections of my award-winning Poetry at: 

Festivals, Fairs, For Children's Groups, Charitable Societies, Poetry Festivals, Literary Festivals, Comedy Festivals, Poetry Book & Audio Book Launches, Special Occasions and Corporate Events

Here's how it works 

- Book Me As Your 'Live Children's Poet' -

I'm Available For Different Times Throughout the Day/Evening All Year Round - Just Call Or Email me - or Send Me A Message via my 'Contact' page!

That's All There Is To It!

 The length of each Poetry Recitation Selection may vary from a 10 minute Romantic Nature & Wildlife Poetry Selection - to an Epic FairyTale-In-Verse - or - a Melodramatic Verse-Fable - or - a Selection of my Nonsense and Humorous Action Poems - or a combination of these - up to 35 minutes Slots at a time (longer if preferred) - and - I also can perform a Selection of my Silly Songs for Children only to add to the 'liveness' of my Live Poetry Readings! 

My Personal Approach as a professional Children's Poet & Children's Singer-Songwriter - and - the very kind  Comments/Feedback I've received so far - follow below :

“Love it! – Rolls beautifully and I love the choice of words!”


“Such Talent! - You have an amazing grasp of words and

  rhyme ...”


“Wish my Geordie voice was as clear and audible as yours!”


“You’re truly a Poetic Star”


“You would go down a bomb and do well on Television”


“Awesome - You are a Star!”


“Long Live the ‘English Rose’! – Bravo!”


“You’re amazing!” - “Ah, Lovely!”

 "Love the accompanying facial expressions too!”


“What you do is amazing!”

Witty, Philosophical, Observational,

Contemporary Poetry and Dramatic

Deliciously Satirical Fairytales-In-Verse

Cautionary Verse-Fables for All Ages!

Live At:

Poetry Festivals & Literary Festivals

Bookshops:  Book Signing my Poetry Booklet Publications For Children

Fairs & Fetes

Special Occasions

Public Events

and at various Venues! 

A brief Poet Biog:

Winner of :

The Golden Grove Poetry Award (1st)

Award Winner of:

The Poetry In Mind Poetry Award (2nd)

Commended Poet of:

The Portico Poetry Prize

Finalist Award Winner of:

The Serendipity Poetry Award

Semi-Finalist Award Winner of:

The UK Songwriting Contest (3 times)

For both Songs & Lyrics


The WM Composers Award For Song

Poetry Expert:

BBC Radio Solent - BBC Functional Poetry Initiative - Poetry Expert

and the

Winner of :

The Leaf Bookjacket Award  (1st)

I am an LLAM (Speech & Acting)of LAMDA and a Full EQUITY Member, Fully CRB-Checked (and with Full PLI).

I am a Member of: 

The Poetry Society

The International StoryTelling Network

EQUITY (Children's & Variety)

My Poetry and Verse-Fables are frequently published - I have 4 solo Poetry Collections and 46 Poetry Anthologies published to date, plus audio poetry books published (available via Amazon and all good bookshops) - and also frequently broadcast on radio -PLUS -  a variety of Illustrated Poetry Posters.

My Poetry Audio Books (CDs) are frequently broadcast on both Commercial Radio and Hospital Radio in the UK.

Please Contact me about your Event on:

01237 431166 (voicemail/ansaphone) 

or email me for further details at:


A Personal Statement:

My passion is, and has always been, to create - to create a new perspective in poetry, to create romantic, comedic, unexpected, exciting, adventurous, melodramatic, witty, mesmerising and reflective, enlightening and observational - and wonderfully thought-provoking - Fairytales & Verse Fables In Rhymes, Romantic Nature and Wildlife Poetry, Celebratory and Joyous Countryside-Themed Poetry, Rhyming Tales, Exciting Epic Poems, the most Verbally Inventive and Imaginative Fairytales In Verse, the most Verbally Creative Nonsense and Surreal Poetry - and - the most Entertaining Satirical Poetry, Songs and Ballads. 

To give  reflective, dramatic, gently joyful and celebratory recitations of my Poetry, Songs and Prose both live - and via audio book recordings - for children.  

To 'Entertain in Verse': To entertain Children Outdoors at Poetry Festivals & Literary Festival Events, at Village Fetes & County Fairs - in City Centres - Shopping Malls - Cafes -Bookshops - Toy Shops -  in Market Towns - and at all kinds of Literary and Poetry gatherings - both in and out of the usual formal indoor and outdoor venues.   

I enjoy creating excitingly original and new, written and verbal languages and forms - to experiment vocally with various 'character-voices' - creating new 'voices' - other-worldly,  joyous, characterful,  impressionistic, romantic.  

And - experimenting, exploring and creating new poetical forms  in songwriting for children - too. 

I am very excited to be performing weekly currently at my own Gallery-Studio & Garden - and hope to see you soon at one of my Live Poetry Readings (Visitors Must Book In Advance) - Just Call me - or just drop me a line via the 'Contact' page.

Testimonials/Feedback Comments:

"Your Poem: 'The Voice of The Dark Chimera' - is Excellent! - With the help of only a few lines (few moments) the mood is set and the point made - Your poem is almost oriental to the extent that the inevitability of Fate is echoed in the last two lines - Excellent, even if one does not know much about Chimera ... And I think of the Greek tragedy of today reflected again in John Donne's poem 'For Whom The Bell Tolls'."

-  Entertainment Author, Germany


"WOW! - Stunning! - Beautiful actually."

- The Editor-The Horror-Zine - A Popular American Poetry Magazine


BBC Radio 4:     

“Undoubtedly Fine Pieces!”


Editor, The Golden Grove Poetry Award 2011:  

“It gives me great pleasure to say that we have chosen your Poem as our Favourite from the Collection ... We shall shortly be Announcing your poem as the Winner on our website ... Congratulations once again.”



Radio Lion (Live Poetry Recital Broadcast On Air (and Audio Poetry CD):


“First, last night was FANTASTIC! - Well Done! - And the CD was SUPER too!”

        Ferit Lamaj (Internationally Published & TV Broadcast Verse-Fabulist - and - Winner of The International Carriere Prize For Fables): 

  “I enjoyed the CD! - Your interpretative voice is FANTASTIC! - I’ll MAKE my (Poetry) students listen to your Audio Poetry CD!”

Chagford Independent Fantasy Film Production Co: 

  “... Lovely, Lovely, Lovely CDs of your Wonderful FairyTale Poems - Just to say How Much I enjoyed listening to them - Thanks for sharing your wonderful ‘art’ with us!”

The Poetry In Mind Award – Judge/Adjudicator Comments:   

“Thank you for your very Sensitive and 

Powerful Poem

 – I like the sense in this Poem that the

 patient seemed 

to be dictated to at every given step of the

 process ... an 

important point. This is very telling.”

Notes From Audience Members 

- Various Live Poetry Recitals:


“Love it! – Rolls beautifully 

and I love the choice 


of words!”


“Such Talent! - You have an amazing 

grasp of


words and rhyme ...”


“Wish my Geordie voice was as 

clear and audible


as yours!”


“You’re truly a Poetic Star”  


“You would go down a bomb

and do well on Television"


“Awesome - You are a Star!”


“Long Live the ‘English Rose’! – Bravo!”


“You’re amazing!” - “Ah, Lovely!”


"Love the accompanying 

facial expressions too!”


“What you do is amazing!”    




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